About Route Digger

Route Digger is an intellectual game where dig a path for the ball to roll to the destination, thinking carefully to create the most optimal route for the ball.

Dig a path for the ball

Your task is to dig a path so that the balls on the ground return to their correct water pipes. Starting the game is a ball, a tube and some obstacles. Later on, the difficulty will increase when more balls appear. Help the balls of the same color as the water pipe come together. If you mislead the ball, the game will not pass and you need to start over from the beginning. Later on, the challenges will become more difficult as there are more balls and obstacles. Use every means to successfully complete the challenge.

Many challenges are designed to help players apply their strategic and intellectual abilities. This is definitely the right place for you to challenge yourself with difficult levels and have fun solving complex problems.

Realistic physics and puzzle elements

This is the most special feature of this game, you not only have to calculate the path for the ball, but also consider how the sand affects its movement. This creates a unique gaming experience where each decision can lead to success or failure.

More than just entertainment, the game applies physics knowledge to help players understand its nature. Additionally, you will also see Merge Fruits using physics in the game as well. Both studying knowledge and entertainment are very suitable for many types of players.