About Merge Fruits

Merge Fruits combines different fruits to create unique fruits and achieve high scores. Don't forget to arrange them properly so the fruit doesn't fall out.

Create more fruits from merging

The game is a magical journey in the world of energy balls, where you can combine fruits to create new, unique and unexpected ones. Each combination is not just a simple addition but also a multiplication of flavors and colors, creating a diverse and rich world of fruits.

Use an effective merging strategy so that when the fruits are created it doesn't take up too much space and cause any one of the fruits to fall out. The game will end when any fruit falls out of the box, sum up and see your score.

Use your effective strategy in Bloxorz, a game similar to this one.

Features of the game

Simple but engaging gameplay: With just a swipe and release operation, you can pair fruits of the same type to create new, bigger, more delicious fruits. The more you play, the more challenging it becomes, requiring you to have strategic thinking and agility to conquer the level.

Many types of fresh fruits: Discover many familiar and unique fruits, each with its own eye-catching image and attractive flavor. Collect and pair them to create your dream orchard!

You can see some fruits like grapes, strawberries, pineapples, green melons, and many other fruits. Fruits have vibrant and diverse colors, you can find fruits in red, yellow, blue, purple and many other colors. Bright and eye-catching colors make the fruit more attractive and interesting.