About Getting Over It

Getting Over It is inspired by the download game created by Bennett Foddy. Play as the yellow cat, move with the hammer and climb to the top of the mountain.

Conquer the mountain in Getting Over It

Play as a unique character, the yellow cat, designed with adorable and humorous graphics. The game retains the difficult spirit of the original version. The player's task is to climb difficult terrain using a hammer, overcome obstacles and climb to the top of the mountain. However, the cool thing is that you can customize your hammer by changing its shape, color, and other elements. This helps create personalization and differentiation from previous versions.

How to climb mountains effectively

Be patient and control your emotions

This game requires patience and calm. Be mentally prepared to face failures and don't get discouraged when encountering difficulties. It is important to keep control of your emotions and not let them affect your ability to play.

Use attacks and jumps wisely

In some situations, using attacks or jumping can help you overcome obstacles or increase your movement speed to the top. However, use them carefully and correctly, as improper use can cause you to lose control and fall.

Ability to self-regulate

Players are not only challenged by pre-designed levels, but can also create their own levels, or even improve the game to their liking. This opens up opportunities for the player community to share and learn from each other, creating a creative and collaborative environment.

With improvements and high community, Getting Over It promises to bring players new, interesting and challenging experiences. Get ready to be frustrated, angry but also unable to stop playing this legendary game!