About Bloxorz

Bloxorz moves the block from the starting point to the end of each level, but the special thing is that the block can only move according to specific rules.

Bring the moving block to the hole

The game board is divided into squares and has an empty hole. You need to move the block across the board by rotating and rolling it, the goal is for the block to fall into the hole without falling off the board. To do that, you must use tactics, logical thinking and test many options.

Face obstacles, suspension bridges, buttons and even collapsing boxes. In addition, there are tiles with special features such as soft tiles and hard tiles, requiring you to use appropriate strategies to adjust the movement of the cube.

Use WASD keys to move the block and get to the hole. Consider your moves so you don't have to move too much.

Game rules

Types of switches

There are three types of switches in Bloxorz: circular switches that activate when you place a block on it in any way, X-shaped switches that require you to stand upright to activate, and a third type of switch that is shaped like a bracket single() will move your block to different locations, splitting it into two smaller blocks in the process.

Orange bricks

Orange tiles are often more fragile than other tiles. If you try to stand upright on them, they will collapse and your block will fall. Be careful to avoid wasteful losses.