About Happy Glass

Happy Glass challenges you to the task of filling a sad glass by drawing a path for water to flow into. Don't waste any water until the cup cheers up.

Make the glass fun

The main character is a glass that is empty of water and sad. To make it stop being sad, you need to fill it with water until the glass changes from sad to happy. Water droplets on the screen are locked and can be blocked by some obstacles. You need to be able to avoid obstacles and fill the glass.

This game has a variety of challenges for you to try. Use every means to complete the mission and unlock the next challenge. This is a mind game with one outcome but many ways to handle it. Do it your way as long as you complete the challenge successfully.

One thing to note when drawing water lines is to optimize the pencil strokes, because once you draw them, the number of stars will gradually decrease. And if you want to ensure three stars, consider carefully to successfully complete the challenge.

Games with the same theme

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