About Slice Masters

Slice Masters is a combination of slicing art and strategy, taking players into a world of cutting everything with a knife regardless of food or objects.

Extremely classy Cut, Cut, Cut experience

Transform into a knife that can cut everything. Just press the screen, the knife will immediately point down and cut it in half. On the way, cut everything you see because a cut object can be added from one point. These points will be accumulated into the amount of money you own, the more money you have, the more opportunities you have to unlock new weapons.

However, in the process of cutting everything, you need to pay attention to the following two issues: spikes and not touching the soil. These are two things that you absolutely should not do if you don't want to stop playing the game. The challenge will return if you accidentally touch them.

The money you earn will be used to unlock other weapons. There are eight random weapons that are unlocked, and you need a certain amount of money to unlock them. Collect all the weapons and experience them all.

BONUS is a special feature of the game

To add more excitement to the game, at the end of each challenge there is an additional column of bonus points. This column can help you increase or decrease the amount of money you can earn. The addition, subtraction, multiplication and division items will be mixed and if you want to own a lot of points, move the knife to the point item that can be added the most.

Most especially, some challenges will have additional BONUS if you correctly select the box containing that word. There, you will go to another world where you slash everything with a value of 50 points or more. The number of points you receive can overwhelm you, a score that requires many challenging levels to achieve. If you are lucky enough to choose it.