About Rowdy City Wrestling

Rowdy City Wrestling brings you to the exciting world of wrestling, where you will unleash your skillful fighting skills and conquer prestigious championships.

Experience the hustle and bustle of the wrestling world

Start your journey at Rowdy City Wrestling Gym, a breeding ground for future champions. Step into the stands and prepare for an intense wrestling battle. Use all forms: punching, kicking to make the opponent lose strength and cannot resist your attacks.

It's not just a fight between two people, other opponents will take turns fighting each other until they find the final victory. And if you want to become the wrestling champion, keep your strength until the end, until there is no more fighter in the stands and you will win.

Participate in 1v1 matches, chaotic 6-player battles or even the dramatic Royal Rumble event. Defeat all opponents and win the prestigious championship belt. Bonuses after each match help upgrade your strength and technique stats and unlock new attacks for you. Become the most powerful and unbeatable wrestler in Rowdy City!

How to fight effectively

Sometimes you don't have to use direct fighting to be effective, instead, watch the good scene of your opponent when they fight. You can take action if they attack or choose to run away to not waste your strength.

By using a combination of hitting, kicking the Z key, A key and moving arrows, take them down before you do the same and the power fades away. The fight is really fierce, can you last until the end and become the wrestling champion?