About Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl plays the role of coach of a football team, controlling and managing the team's activities. The goal of the game is to lead your team to the finals.

Coach activities

In this game, you will take on the role of coach of a rugby team. Your goal is to build a strong squad, participate in matches and lead your team to victory in the Retro Bowl, the biggest tournament.

Decide on tactics and choose passes or runs during the match. Depending on the situation and opponent, you need to make smart decisions to gain an advantage and score points. Create appropriate offensive and defensive plans to maximize your team's chances of winning.

Management activities

In addition to being a coach, you are also the manager of the team. The job includes buying and selling players, finding new talents and building a strong squad. You need to carefully consider the skills and positions of your players to create balance and effectiveness for your team.

At the same time, you need to manage the team's budget. Control revenues and expenditures, including player salaries, training costs, advertising and stadium improvements. Ensure that the team's financial resources are maintained stably and do not exceed the budget.

In addition, the player's health and fitness are important factors. You need to carefully manage your players' health after each match and ensure they get adequate rest and recovery before the next matches. This ensures that your players will maintain their freshness and good performance throughout the season.