About Hop Ball 3D

Hop Ball 3D challenges players to navigate a rolling ball through various platforms while synchronizing their movements with the beat of the music.

Immerse yourself in music with Hop Ball 3D

Jump on the platforms

The objective of this game is to control the ball and hop across a series of tiles or platforms. The platforms are arranged in different patterns and heights, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. As the player progresses through the game, the difficulty level increases, requiring precise timing and quick reflexes to avoid falling off the platforms.

Listen to the melody of the song because each time you dance on a platform that matches each beat. Complete the song excellently in the shortest time.

How to control the ball

This game has simple controls, just tap or hold the screen to make the ball jump. Move left/right to change the direction of the ball.

Sound is the main feature of Hop Ball 3D

One of the key features of this game is its music-driven gameplay. Each platform is synchronized with a specific beat or rhythm, and players must time their hops to match the music. By successfully landing on platforms in rhythm, players earn points and progress further. The game offers a wide variety of songs from different genres, allowing players to enjoy their favorite tracks while playing.

The game will not stop until the ball is touched off the platform. You will also experience from song to song as long as your ball stays alive. And every time you successfully collect stars, a sound will signal you.

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