About Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish presents the battle for survival under the ocean. The battle for survival, where strong fish survive and weak fish will be eliminated immediately.

The battle of life and death in the deep sea

Your life starts from becoming a small fish that eats worms to survive. When they reach a certain size, they change their food target to their own species but smaller in size. Eating fellow humans also helps you increase in size faster than eating worms, so in all your abilities, don't hesitate to attack them. Not only are you a predator, fish larger than you are also predators and you can also become their target. Be careful of your surroundings and don't be negligent or you will become their food and the game is over.

Every time your size becomes larger, you can be evolved into other fish in the ocean such as sunfish, sharks, whales, and so on. Explore to see what other fish you can evolve into.
Before starting a survival, you can also choose fish with different colors to add richness and diversity to the ocean or to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

Endless competition

This battle for survival is also an endless competition. There is no limit to your lifespan, so whether you survive long or short depends on how you play. Another competitive game that many people are interested in is Duck Life, training and competing to become the best duck trainer that everyone respects. Go through many rounds of competition with many other competitors to find the strongest and best duck.