About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an innovative driving game where you prove your driving skills and reflexes, overcoming a series of obstacles to reach your destination.

Crazy racing on all terrains

Each level is a new adventure with unique and unexpected obstacles. You will have to control your car through bumpy roads, swaying suspension bridges, and many other challenges. The game has more than 60 levels for you to unleash your driving ability through difficult terrain. Do they make you feel difficult and sweaty?

The difficulty of this game is to move your car through obstacles safely, the car cannot be thrown off the road or overturned. Move quickly and slowly flexibly to complete challenges.

With simple gameplay - just touch and hold to drive, the game easily attracts players from the first moments. However, don't let that simplicity fool you, as the game becomes more difficult with each level.

Unique racing experience

Crazy car control: Unlike regular racing games, Drive Mad does not allow you to control the car's direction. Instead, you need to adjust your speed to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

Challenging tracks: More than 20 unique tracks with dangerous terrain, from hot deserts to rugged mountains, giving you exciting driving experiences.

Unexpected obstacles: Diverse and constantly changing obstacles require you to have quick reflexes and the ability to flexibly adjust your speed to overcome.