About Connect Four

Connect Four becomes the first player to connect a line of four colored discs of his own. This classic two-player strategy game is very popular.

Connect Four finds a winner

Based on a physical game consisting of a grid with six rows and seven columns, the cells are empty to put the discs in. There are two main colors: blue and red. Players will take turns dropping their discs into the net. You are the first, AI follows; You are the first to start the game and your turn will return once the AI has finished moving. Just keep dropping the discs down the grid until you find someone who connects the discs of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The discs will fall into the lowest slot of a column. The discs will overlap from bottom to top, so players need to carefully consider their moves.

Connect Four also has another name called Four In A Row. Although the terminology is different, the gameplay is still the same. What you call it is up to you to decide. The game requires players to have strategic thinking and create a plan to prevent the opponent from scoring you or create a successful move for themselves. Be cautious in every step, observe your opponent's moves to have the right strategy.

Some additional details about Connect Four

Consider before deciding

The game is not just about dropping discs randomly. Players must consider multiple factors, including blocking their opponent's potential winning moves while setting up their own winning opportunities. It's crucial to analyze the board, anticipate the opponent's moves, and make well-calculated decisions.

Defensive and offensive strategies

The game involves both defensive and offensive strategies. Defensive moves involve blocking the opponent's potential winning lines by placing your discs strategically. Offensive moves involve setting up your own winning combinations by creating sequences of your colored discs.

Multiple paths to victory

The game has various ways to achieve victory. You can win by connecting four discs vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The game's grid structure allows for different tactics and approaches to achieve this.