About A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup takes you into the World Cup competition, which has seven matches and you need to win seven matches to become the champion.

Football competition between countries

Start the game, choose a country from the fourteen countries listed on the screen, note that you cannot change countries in the next rounds and the country you choose will go to the final round so choose Which country do you love the most?

After choosing your country, the game will automatically select any country of the opposing team, your task is to win and advance to the next round. If you win then that country will be dropped into the next competition.

Pay attention to your core task, which is to move your character and kick the ball into the opponent's castle, and the opponent will do the same. You need to be flexible between attack and defense to not give your opponent a chance to get into the next round. In a match, whoever kicks four balls into the goal first will be the winner. Try to win against rival teams and win tickets to the final round.

If you lose any of the seven rounds, the game is over and you need to start over.

World Cup rounds

There are seven rounds in total and you need to win seven rounds to become the next World Cup champion. By all means, you must win against six teams to get tickets to the final round. It's a tough race between countries around the world and only one country will become the next champion, so which country will receive that glory.